iBasso DX160 Music Player Hands-on Review

At the $400 price range, iBasso DX160 is among the best in sound, handling and visual. So users in the choice of a modern music player do not have to live up to obvious shortcomings any more.

ShanLing M6 HIFI Music Player Hands-on Review

The answer handed over by ShanLing M6 is very satisfying. The new custom Android system, although still with some room for improvement, is convenient and intuitive on interactions and optimization. The sound is less sharp and remains balanced and comfortable.

Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review

The main selling point of Fiio M5 is that it can bring high quality audio deeper into users’ live. It is a brave try for Fiio, while the decision-making cost of $100 would be much lower for most students, sports enthusiasts and fresh HIFI lovers.

Cayin N6ii HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

Cayin N6ii may be not the perfect machine in some aspects. But the exquisite design, smooth and easy-to-use open system, pioneering interchangeable audio board design and Cayin’s commitment on music-oriented tuning have brought a new classic, whose life cycle will definitely be longer than the last generation.

Fiio M9 HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

At the end of review, I want to describe Fiio M9 as a all rounder player, who’s solid and good in every aspect. With compact and delicate workmanship, full-format Bluetooth support, streaming music playback, balanced interface, Fiio M9’s sound is worth for the price. If you have an obsession with a versatile product, Fiio M9 is probably the best option available.

Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Reference HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

As the new flagship of Lotoo, compared to previous generations of products, all aspects of its changes are more obvious. First of all, the design has large changes, followed by the use of touch screen and LTOS system. In terms of tuning, the Lotoo Paw Gold Touch has a more balanced atmosphere than the previous product’s clean and slender style. The power is enough to handle most of portable headphones. Combination with various types of headphones are OK.

HIFIMAN R2R2000 Red HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

Although more and more $1500-level players are becoming smart, such as WiFi, DLNA and APPs, which makes R2R2000 old schooled in function, R2R2000’s sound performance moved us. It’s more cost-effective compared to the black version.

iBasso DX220 HIFI Music Player Review

Sharp 1080P full screen, 4GB RAM, Android 8.1 plus Mango OS, together changed the old, ugly style of Chinese players. After in-depth experience, the Android 8.1’s coupled with Mango OS’s pure sound features, meeting the different needs of all kinds of consumers. With double SABRE ES9028PRO decoding chip and 5 femtosecond crystal added, DX220 has a good control of noise and sound quality at a price only a little more than DX200. As a flagship player, it’s price is very friendly.

Fiio M5 Portable HIFI Music Player Hands-on Review

Fiio M5 is not only a lightweight music player, but also a good mobile music solution. Mobile phone can connect through high-definition Bluetooth format to M5. And then wired headphones can be connected to M5 to listen to better sound than general phones. It has excellent portability and better battery life and sound quality than Bluetooth headset.

HiBy R6Pro HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

Before when everyone talks about Chinese HIFI player, it’s agreed that they have better sound at the same price compared with foreign ones. But, almost everyone thinks the operation is inconvenient. But now I think this statement is not valid more. In my view, R6Pro has good sound and is also easy to use.