JadeAudio Released Portable Music Player J1

JadeAudio J1 officially met everyone! What remains the same is the exquisite appearance, plus touch turntable and professional hardware. It supports lossless formats. The biggest surprise is a more affordable price!
At less than $60!

Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review

The main selling point of Fiio M5 is that it can bring high quality audio deeper into users’ live. It is a brave try for Fiio, while the decision-making cost of $100 would be much lower for most students, sports enthusiasts and fresh HIFI lovers.

New Brand JadeAudio Announced J1 Hi-res Player

JadeAudio, new online selling sub-brand of Chinese company Fiio, announced its first HIFI player – J1.

Fiio M9 HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

At the end of review, I want to describe Fiio M9 as a all rounder player, who’s solid and good in every aspect. With compact and delicate workmanship, full-format Bluetooth support, streaming music playback, balanced interface, Fiio M9’s sound is worth for the price. If you have an obsession with a versatile product, Fiio M9 is probably the best option available.

Fiio M5 Portable HIFI Music Player Hands-on Review

Fiio M5 is not only a lightweight music player, but also a good mobile music solution. Mobile phone can connect through high-definition Bluetooth format to M5. And then wired headphones can be connected to M5 to listen to better sound than general phones. It has excellent portability and better battery life and sound quality than Bluetooth headset.

Fiio M6 Portable HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

As a core professional music player, the Decoding Chip, the Fiio M6 is also a bit sloppy, using a mature ES9018Q2C decoding chip, supports 10 segments of EQ free set , and has 120 levels of volume adjustment. In addition, the M6 also supports LO output (shared port with PO), but it is a slight regret that there is no 2.5mm balance outlet.

Fiio M11 HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

In addition to meeting the basic needs of playing local music, the M11 can also be used to listen to online music by installing third-party apps. The Fiio M11 gives enthusiasts a glimpse of Fiio determination to move to the top this year, as well as the strength to match it, which makes people look forward to the end of the year the real flagship will have a bigger upgrade. It can be said that the M11 raised the expectations of the burning friend to fly atrue flagship, of course, this also brings more pressure to Fiio. Can the end of the year be more of a surprise?