ShanLing M6 HIFI Music Player Hands-on Review

The answer handed over by ShanLing M6 is very satisfying. The new custom Android system, although still with some room for improvement, is convenient and intuitive on interactions and optimization. The sound is less sharp and remains balanced and comfortable.

ShanLing Released New M6 Hi-res Music Player

ShanLing introduced its new HIFI music player, M6. With similar design language of its player family including M5s, M2X and M0, M6 should be the flagship product.

ShanLing M2X HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

M2X’ internet gene is very heavy, users like streaming may feel trouble, users like traditional music may feel unorthodox. In fact, from our point of view, it actually balances the high-quality listening and genuine high-quality music contradictions. For those who don’t want to copy music files and want to enjoy the player’s audible boost, the ShanLing M2X is worth looking forward to.

ShanLing M0 Portable HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

ShanLing M0 is a compact Walkman player with a good look, feature and $598 price. It almost integrates the most popular features of the Walkman player today, and the satisfaction of playing them all over again should be able to exceed its selling price. Of course, we’ll also look at how the M0 featuredetails are and how well the sound quality is performed in all aspects.