HiBy R5 HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

If you are just getting started to be an audiophile, or want to pursue a “comfort” sound, you may consider this machine, it will definitely let you have peace of mind and comfort of enjoying the music.

Colorfly U6 Hands-on Review

As the U6 we have is still an engineering machine, there is still room for further optimization in file format support, control response speed, system stability, etc. But overall, the player is significantly improved compared to previous products. Its sound performance is not only enough to please people on the specifics, the actual listening experience is more natural and comfortable.

Cayin N5 MKII HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

Cayin N5II’s overall sound performance and experience are in line with its price positioning, but WiFi antenna design and network playback function, USB playback stability issues need to be fixed or strengthened.

Sony NW-A55 Music Player In-depth Review

Although its sound density, medium frequency dynamic thickness is not as good as many players using ESS DAC, but with the high-frequency detail performance, style optimization is in place, almost no burr, sound is not hard, this is some advanced sound card, the player may not be able to do.

Fiio M6 Portable HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

As a core professional music player, the Decoding Chip, the Fiio M6 is also a bit sloppy, using a mature ES9018Q2C decoding chip, supports 10 segments of EQ free set , and has 120 levels of volume adjustment. In addition, the M6 also supports LO output (shared port with PO), but it is a slight regret that there is no 2.5mm balance outlet.

HiBy R3 HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

Today with you to share this HiBy R3 from the subjective feeling to see this machine or give people very fresh and bright, through the unique product ideas, to solve the mobile phone and player out of which one of the outstanding contradictions, this is very rare.

ShanLing M0 Portable HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

ShanLing M0 is a compact Walkman player with a good look, feature and $598 price. It almost integrates the most popular features of the Walkman player today, and the satisfaction of playing them all over again should be able to exceed its selling price. Of course, we’ll also look at how the M0 featuredetails are and how well the sound quality is performed in all aspects.

HIFIMAN R2R2000 Red Luxury HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

HIFIMAN R2R2000 red prince maintains the ideology of “extreme HiFi” from the beginning. The advantages of the top R2R architecture is self-evident, while compared to the black prince, cheaper red version suddenly brings me closer to R2R architecture distance. No matter for vocals, popular, metal, musical instruments or other different music, the R2R2000 Red Prince is undoubtedly a choice that will not be the wrong.

Fiio M11 HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

In addition to meeting the basic needs of playing local music, the M11 can also be used to listen to online music by installing third-party apps. The Fiio M11 gives enthusiasts a glimpse of Fiio determination to move to the top this year, as well as the strength to match it, which makes people look forward to the end of the year the real flagship will have a bigger upgrade. It can be said that the M11 raised the expectations of the burning friend to fly atrue flagship, of course, this also brings more pressure to Fiio. Can the end of the year be more of a surprise?