iBasso DX160 Music Player Hands-on Review

At the $400 price range, iBasso DX160 is among the best in sound, handling and visual. So users in the choice of a modern music player do not have to live up to obvious shortcomings any more.

iBasso’s New DX160 HIFI Music Player Announced

iBasso released the new DX160, which is target at the entry level audiophiles. The DX160 inherits the flagship DX220’s Android 8.1 open operating system, MQA coding support and a 5.0-inch 1080p Sharp OnCell full screen. Its DAC is equipped with dual CS43198 chips (QFN version). Both single-ended and balanced outputs use dual DAC decoding. The design of interchangeable amp card is cancelled in exchange for a colorful one-piece body.

iBasso DX220 HIFI Music Player Review

Sharp 1080P full screen, 4GB RAM, Android 8.1 plus Mango OS, together changed the old, ugly style of Chinese players. After in-depth experience, the Android 8.1’s coupled with Mango OS’s pure sound features, meeting the different needs of all kinds of consumers. With double SABRE ES9028PRO decoding chip and 5 femtosecond crystal added, DX220 has a good control of noise and sound quality at a price only a little more than DX200. As a flagship player, it’s price is very friendly.