JadeAudio Released Portable Music Player J1 4

JadeAudio Released Portable Music Player J1

As Fiio’s new internet direct marketing sub-brand, JadeAudio adapted internet direct sales model to get rid of the middle men. By directly selling to the general consumers, users can buy more cost-effective products at a lower price.

After our report, the portable music player J1 officially met everyone! What remains the same is the exquisite appearance, plus touch turntable and professional hardware. It supports lossless formats. The biggest surprise is a more affordable price!
At ¥398 or less than $60!

J1 Features

Professional DAC chip

Featuring Ti’s high-performance PCM5242 DAC, JadeAudio J1 has a higher signal-to-noise ratio and supports full-difference line output.

Independent LPF + independent amp

The power supply architecture and circuits are optimized to further improve the sound quality and make the low frequency texture and dive better.

LO line output

The 3.5mm headphone port can be used as a PO port or converted to a LO output in the system, which can be used with most amps.

Dual mode Bluetooth transmission

Bluetooth transmission in both directions is available. Bluetooth signals can be received at the same time as the Bluetooth signal is transmitted.

In-vehicle mode

Through the in-vehicle mode, you can greatly improve the sound quality of the car audio system. So that good music can accompany you around.

360-degree touch turntable

Touch turntable sensitivity is higher, immunity is better and reliability is higher. The feel is enhanced across the board.

The sale will start on 18th, September and the first 50 players will be sold at $30.

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