iBasso DX160 Music Player Hands-on Review 4

iBasso DX160 Music Player Hands-on Review

Recently, audio gear maker iBasso officially released a new audio player, the DX160 at $399, which is targeted lower than its flagship player, DX220.


iBasso DX160 features a 5.0-inch 1080P Sharp LCD screen. Compared to other players, the resolution and clarity is much better. And the display is more comfortable, which is perfectly suitable for album art and MV display. This kind of high grade screen is rare on music players.

iBasso DX160 Music Player Hands-on Review 5
iBasso DX160

The large curve on the back with 3D glass makes the player a lot better holding in hands, which is more stable and secure.

Chinese music players, a few years ago, are not likely to be linked to great industrial design. But in recent years they have indeed made rapid progress.


iBasso DX160 uses Android 8.1 system. Unlike the player system I have used before, DX160’s Android is more open. You can download any Android software on it, which means most music softwares to use. Thanks to iBasso’s engineers, you can perfectly bypass the defects of SRC conversion on iBasso DX160 without any settings.


iBasso DX160 uses dual CS43198 decoding chip. 4.4mm and 3.5mm ports work at the same time. On the current market, products using CS43198 chip usually come at a $600 to $800 price. And DX160’s price is $399.

DX160 achieves -130dB on dynamic range, 0.00022% on signal-to-noise ratio of THD-N, 130 dB on S/N. The base noise is infinitely close to 0. And with these, the 4.4mm balanced output can still provide a maximum of 6.4Vrms power (KANN CUBE can reach 7Vrms).

In addition to built-in 32G storage, micro SD memory cards are also supported. The battery life tested is about 12 hours. It supports QC3.0, PD2.0 and MTKPE+ fast charging protocol. The measured power can reach about 16 W, which can fully charge the 3200mAh battery in about 40 to 50 minutes.

Sound quality

We used iBasso DX160 to push three different earbuds: DT990, WH-1000XM3 and T5. After intense listening, what DX160 impressed me most is the warm ness of the sound, which makes vocals more three-dimensional with richer emotions.

The other advantage of DX160 is abundant power, which drives bass and middle part of the sound very well. When listening to some songs with drums, the beats dive very deep in place, full of texture.

Although it’s an entry-level HiFi music player, iBasso DX160 outperforms my expectations for audio at this price point, both in terms of resolution, balance and tuning.


During the last 15 days, iBasso DX160 has been everywhere I had been. The holding and control feeling is very comfortable, which changed my impression on iBasso’s products. The high resolution screen makes it more comfortable watching screen content on a daily basis. On the sound, I think iBasso DX160 performs great on in vocal resolution. The feel is a little soft with some warmness.

At the $400 price range, iBasso DX160 is among the best in sound, handling and visual. So users in the choice of a modern music player do not have to live up to obvious shortcomings any more.

Price of iBasso DX160: $399.

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