Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review 4

Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review

Is wearable device the ultimate portable device? In fact, everyone is trying. No matter what form it appears in front of consumers, creative products can always win their favor. Take Fiio M5 For example (which we had a first impression before), its mini size means it can be strapped to the wrist and arm of proper accessories. Its practical functionality makes it a charming gadget in many ways.


The body of Fiio M5 body is basically square. The front and back surface are covered with 2.5D curved glass, making the touch operation silky smooth. Fiio M5 can be hold in palm. But the small size didn’t necessarily mean the lack in functions. It even kept the same audio architecture design and functionality like other M series products. Its friendly price also appeals to those non-hardcore consumers who are intimidated by the multi-hundreds players.

M5 carries on the pursuit for product details of Fiio. The output port is shared for headphones, line-out and coaxial output. Dual microphones are integrated on the compact machine. The Type-C interface supports OTG function of linking to mobile phones. When connected to a computer, it can be used to transfer files or act as an USB DAC. The built-in audio chip would reveal more sound details on your computer. Fiio M5 itself does not have storage space and requires a card to use the player’s functionality.

The two-way Bluetooth should be a selling point for Fiio M5. Because it can act as a Bluetooth DAC, providing a Bluetooth adapter for your wired HiFi headsets when your phone doesn’t have a headphone port. The Bluetooth transmitter supports SBC/LDAC codec, while the Bluetooth receiver supports SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC codec. Fiio M5 provides good solutions for both Bluetooth headphones and acting as a mobile adapter.

Unlike other traditional Bluetooth DAC, fiio M5 has a 1.54-inch IPS screen. The resolution is 240 x 240. This screen’s brightness is high and the color is more bright. The touch operation is very sensitive. Fiio M5 uses an operating system that is self-developed, which is very easy to use with the keys and gesture control.

There are two convenient functions of Fiio M5 are rarely seen on other devices: recorder and pedometer.

One purpose of the dual microphones is, of course, to record sound. When used with a wristband, it can be more convenient to record at any time anywhere. The other purpose is to act as a microphone for phone calls. Because common HIFI headphones usually have no mic. So Fiio M5’s built-in microphone would be very practical for some users. In addition, it supports cVc noise canceling so that the quality of phone call can be guarantied.

The pedometer is convenient for users to collect motion information because Fiio M5’s compact size could be a major appeal for fitness lovers. The data of different time of day will show on the standby screen.

To achieve such features, Fiio M5 needs to be powerful enough in hardware configuration. M5’s master control chip is Ingenic X1000E, which is highly integrated at a very low power consumption. It ensures Fiio M5 can be added with more features in the future firmware.

In addition, M5 uses AKM’s AK4377 audio chip, which is also used by VIVO X23. DSD audio can be hardware decoded. The Bluetooth chip is CSR8675, which supports up to Bluetooth 5.0. Its performance is currently among the best of Qualcomm products with great stability and latency. Fiio M5 uses an AXP192 power management chip, designed to enhance the the battery life of wearable devices.

Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review 5
Fiio M5

Listen experience

Fiio M5 has a very clean background, which is usually difficult for normal cellphones. A clean background means less polluted signals to replay the original recording. It’s what we called HIFI. For some unplugged vocals and of classical solo which requires a clean background, Fiio M5’s Bluetooth reception experience is even better than some phone’s native output. M5 supports Hi-Res audio and DSD audio.

Fiio M5 focuses more on building a very dynamic sound. With overall tuning favors the middle and bass parts, M5’s treble is solid but soft. Middle is plump. The bass part has a good sense of layering and dynamic range. For the same source, Fiio M5 reproduces significantly better sound comparing to cellphones, with more details of the sound and more prominent vocals. Fiio M5’s versatile style is capable for a variety of pop music. It provided me dynamic sound during my daily workouts.


Fiio M5’s size is highly competitive in music player market. On the other hand, as a wearable device, its sound performance is satisfying enough. Fiio M5 is not a “HIFI watch”. It actually gets many ways to use because the compact body, which enhances users’ experience. The main selling point of Fiio M5 is that it can bring high quality audio deeper into users’ live. It is a brave try for Fiio, while the decision-making cost of $100 would be much lower for most students, sports enthusiasts and fresh HIFI lovers.

Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review
Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review 6

The main selling point of Fiio M5 is that it can bring high quality audio deeper into users’ live. It is a brave try for Fiio, while the decision-making cost of $100 would be much lower for most students, sports enthusiasts and fresh HIFI lovers.

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