Cayin N6ii Is Getting V1.17 Firmware Update 4

Cayin N6ii Is Getting V1.17 Firmware Update

After the releasing of T01 version of Cayin N6ii (which we reviewed before), Cayin rolled out the latest firmware update for the player.

New Features

  1. Support for LDAC Bluetooth decoding function.
  2. Fixed the “Cayin music stop running” problem when bulk deleting TF card music files in folder.
  3. Fixed the headphone icon not showing on the notification bar when the headphone is plugged while the player is shutdown.
  4. Fixed some strings.
  5. Optimization and modification.

LDAC is an audio encoding technology developed by Sony that transmits audio via Bluetooth, allowing for the transmission of 24bit/96kHz streaming audio (also known as Hi-Res audio) via Bluetooth connections up to 990 kbit/s.

How to update

OTA online update

  1. Connect Cayin N6ii through WIFI to the Internet.
  2. Tap “Settings” – “System” – “Wireless Upgrade” into the firmware update interface.
  3. Tap on “check updates”, the system will automatically detect whether there is an available update firmware.
  4. Upon the detection of available updates firmware, tap “download”, the system will begin to download new firmware.
  5. When firmware download is completed, tap “install now”.
  6. Select “OK” in the pop-up dialog box, the system will automatically install the new firmware.

Local update

  1. Go to Cayin’s official website, download the latest upgrade firmware.
  2. Copy the downloaded firmware compression file (do not unzip it) to the machine memory or TF card root directory.
  3. Tap “Settings” – “System” – “Wireless Upgrade” into the firmware update interface.
  4. Tap the “┇” in the upper right corner.
  5. Select “Local Update” in the pop-up window.
  6. Go into the path where the firmware file is located and select the firmware file that needs to be installed.
  7. Tap “Install Now”.
  8. In the pop-up dialog box select “OK”, the system will automatically install new firmware.


  1. Before the update, make sure that N6ii has more than 30% of battery power.
  2. Before the update, make sure that the remaining storage space of machine memory is more than 1GB.
  3. During the update process, if the machine doesn’t automatically restart in 3 minutes after automatically shut down, press the power key for 3 seconds to start the player, the machine will continues to complete the firmware upgrade.

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