7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify

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You have to admit that: people LOVE Spotify. According to this this source, it takes up 36% of the streaming music market share, which has maintained on the top for many years. It just has tons of musics that you can choose from for free. There would be ads in free version. With a premium subscription, you will get ads removed and higher bit rate of music (320k comparing to about 160k for the free version).

For audiophiles and any one who wants to enjoy better music from Spotify’s infinite library, one question must have been asked: how to get better sound from a lossy source like Spotify?

Well, here are 7 best players to listen to better music from Spotify. They achieve this goal through different approaches, with different budget. But you would certainly feel the difference immediately, no matter which one you choose.

Android based players

HiBy R5

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 1
HiBy R5

HiBy R5 is powered by their own deeply customized Android system, aka HiBy OS. This means you can literally install Spotify App on the player. Then you can make use of its CS43198 DAC and 4.4 mm balanced port to drive your earbuds or headphones. And according to the resualt of our review, the sound would definitely worth the money.

At the time, HiBy R5 is not available in many countries yet, its big brother HiBy R6Pro could be the substitution, but at a higher price.

Fiio M9

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 2
Fiio M9

For a little less money, we would recommend Fiio M9 player for Spotify lovers. Fiio M9 can be described as an all rounder, who’s solid and good in every aspect. It also uses Android system. But you can only install Apps that are on Fiio’s whitelist, which of course includes Spotify.

With compact and delicate design, it supports all protocols of Bluetooth. We are not talking about the usual SBC or AAC here. Fiio M9 can play through HWA, LDAC and aptX HD which is significantly better. Read more about the bluetooth codecs here.

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 3
Max transfer rates of bluetooth codecs

So you can listen to Spotify wirelessly or using its balanced interface. For the price, Fiio M9 is probably the best option around.

Cayin N6ii

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 4
Cayin N6ii

Cayin N6ii is the upgraded successor of a classic model, Cayin N6. With a premium price at $1199, N6ii combined the retro music players’ volume control knob and massive screen of modern cell phone design. Similar to Fiio M9, it can have limited Apps installed. It’s equipped with high-end components and the sound performance is superb. Our review is here.

For users who have a higher budget, Cayin N6ii is basically the best you can buy.

Players with dedicated music OS

Fiio M5

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 5
Fiio M5

For less than 100 bucks, you can not only a lightweight music player, but also a good mobile music solution. You can connect mobile phone to Fiio M5 through high-definition Bluetooth and then wired headphones can be connected to M5 to have better sound than general phones. It has excellent portability and better battery life and sound quality than most bluetooth headset. Read our review.

HIFIMAN R2R2000 (Red Prince)

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 6

HIFIMAN’s R2R2000 red prince version is a little brother of the original black version. It maintains the ideology of “extreme HiFi” from the beginning. The advantages of the top R2R architecture is self-evident, while compared to the black one, the cheaper red version brings consumers closer to R2R architecture.

HIFIMAN R2R2000’s USB DAC function is perfect for users love to listen to Spotify on PC or laptop. You can have enhanced PC audio and the convenience of portable player if you want.

Have a look at our review.

Sony NW-ZX300

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 7
Sony NW-ZX300

NW-ZX300 is probably the most popular player from audio giant Sony in many years. For other players at the similar price point, it’s quite hard to compete with ZX300.

Like some of the DAPs listed above, NW-ZX300 has both bluetooth and USB DAC functions. What makes it stands out in the competition of best play for Spotify, is Sony’s unique DSEE HX technology. Digital Sound Enhancement Engine is a technology that Sony has been using for a long time, and is basically a method of frequency-lifting + sampling accuracy lifting using interpolation. DSEE HX is its latest version. From our early review, the effect is significant for lossy sources. It’s Sony’s secret weapon to enhance the output performance of lossy Spotify music.

One more thing – Mighty Vibe

If you want to ditch the phone all together, or you want listen to Spotify during workout, the sleek looking Mighty Vibe have to be on your target list.

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify 8
Mighty Vibe

Dedicated designed for offline use of Spotify, Mighty Vibe have a storage for more than 1000 songs and a battery for 5+ hours playback. It’s water and drop resistant. You can sync through Mighty App and listen to the music with bluetooth or wired headphones.

It’s a must have for gym-goers or who just want a pure music player to avoid the distractions of mobile phones.

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