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HiBy OS Is Getting Major Updates

HiBy, a brand made its name by lossless music APP and OS, announced three major firmware updates to its own customized Android system, HiBy OS.

Virtual multichannel, EFO Spatializer and EFO Virtualizer

These three plugins are created by James Fung and Joseph Yeung of EFOtech, working with HiBy Music.

Virtual multichannel plug-in is dedicated to providing realistic three-dimensional spatial sound field simulation.

EFO Spatializer brings you realistic indoor space simulation. It uses high-fidelity algorithms to bring general stereo into the real studio, making it easy to use headphones to experience multi-channel playback.

EFO Virtualizer gives headset users a HiFi-grade standard home stereo feel with HRTF model.

Global DSD

The global DSD mode can raise all formats to 1Bit/2.8MHz high-resolution signal. Even if the original signal is PCM, it can be converted to a higher resolution DSD signal output when turning on the global DSD mode.

Pulse feedback

What does pulse feedback effect do is that with a given sample file, the player’s music will exhibit exactly the same sound characteristics as the sample, such as equalization, reverberation, surrounding, headphones and so on. So you can easily experience the sounds of other devices on your machine.

With HiBy OS’s super scalability and compatibility, these three features would certainly bring more fun to their players.

The specific release date is to be told.

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