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The U6 is small in packaging, with the appearance of the machine on the front of the box and detailed specifications on the back. The inner box is relatively strong, feel very good, with the Colorfly logo on it.

After opening the box, U6 quietly lying inside, the appearance is similar to its brother at first glance, but thicker. Because U6 has a large battery of 4600mAh. So the battery life is about 8-9 hours. The official color is called peacock blue. The player under the sun presents a blue with green effect, so peacock green seems to be no problem. The gold knob used to adjust the volume on the side is more convenient than U8, and matches the peacock blue body. The process of sandblasting and anode oxidation makes the machine feel more delicate. The weight is moderate to hold in one hand. The back of the machine is black glossy, which may be easy to collect fingerprints and stains.

Colorfly U6 Hands-on Review 1

Take a look at the other accessories in the box: a quick guide, a warranty card, a protective film and a type-c charging cable. All standard configuration.

U6 uses a deeply customized Ultron system that do not accept other APPs. Songs are automatically synced when you insert a memory card, and then you can select music from artists, albums, and folders. The built-in four ES 9318 digital conversion chips give it the ability to easily hard-decode DSD512 and PCM 32bit/384kHz audio files. The screen’s detail and color are satisfying. At present, although there are a few bugs in the engineering firmware, but the overall smoothness is good. The machine comes with 64G memory (the actual available memory is about 54G). We tested a 256G tf card and it’s all right. It can also streaming music through DLNA. The output mode is available in both line out and coaxial output. The balance port uses a more rare 3.5mm pro. But it will be shipped with a 2.5mm adopter.

Although the U6 is positioned lower than U8, Colorfly have taken advantage of two technologies from the desktop DAC Milstone: AMPT memory playback technology and Jitterkiller II technology. With a built-in custom De-Jitter chip, Ultra-low data flow latency and 77 femmesecond reference clocks can be achieved, making the sound effect more realistic and natural. During actual listening, you can feel that the sound style of U6 is more adapted to the interpretation of popular trend than U8. Although the balanced port has become a big trend in HIFI industry, Colorfly shows confidence and determination on U6’s single port. The dynamic range of U6 single-ended output is 121dB, with loaded THN-N distortion is only 0.00017%. With three level gain adjustment, U6’s single-ended port is powerful enough to handle most of the earbuds on the market.

Its treble performance is good, overtone is relatively rich. Vocal is its biggest selling point. The vocals are more closer to ears and there is a certain sense of modifying. The tone is warm and sweet, and more charming. It’s bass is not focused on pursuit of dive, but more pays attention to the sense of volume and atmosphere. The overall background of the machine is clean.

Colorfly U6 Hands-on Review 2

As the U6 we have is still an engineering machine, there is still room for further optimization in file format support, control response speed, system stability, etc. But overall, the player is significantly improved compared to previous products. Its sound performance is not only enough to please people on the specifics, the actual listening experience is more natural and comfortable.

I believe that the official release will have a even better experience.

Price: $1468.

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