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Cayin N6ii HIFI Music Player First Impression Review

No one interested in HIFI music players does not know Caiyin’s most representative DAP products – N6. With the rough appearance, it leaves a deep impression in the heart of us audiophiles. After several years, many player brands have already got rid of the bulky look and adopted more functional, intelligent, aesthetic approach. So when Cayin released its successor for N6, the look and design was not the same any more.

The N6ii packaging is very elegant, folding style of opening and closing. The main accessories includes a Type-C data cable, an original leather case, a 2.5 to 4.4 adapter. The leather case seems ordinary in quality. While the adapter deserves a thumb up for its convenience and good quality.

Overall N6ii share some similarities in body lines with N8. On the front, the 768P screen takes up the most proportion, which is totally fine for showing some high-definition album cover. The body is CNC cut aeronautical aluminum and the weight control is quite good relative to the size. With the side blasting process, it has a very delicate touch holding in hand.

The glass panel on the back has a good gloss in light. The overall workmanship, among current DAPs, is at the very highest level. Because of the replaceable audio board design, two small screws areinevitably exposed on the back.

The volume nob on the side integrates the function of the lock screen key. Some traditional physical keys are on the side for better control. But I think the feel of the nob is a little too soft. There is a certain chance of misoperation.

Cayin N6ii HIFI Music Player First Impression Review 4
Cayin N6ii

N6ii supports single-ended and balanced lo outputs, where 3.5 lo is independent. Now more and more brands are joining the trend of 4.4 port, 4.4 is gradually becoming the mainstream.

The Type-C port at the bottom integrates the functions of USB and coaxial output. There is an another I2S independent port. In addition, N6ii supports QC3.0 fast charge protocol. Combined with 13-14h of battery life, it’s a machine can be used without too much worry.

N6ii is loaded with a deeply customized Android 8.1 system to solve the problem of SRC degradation with a global DTA non-destructive output. The configuration of 4 G RAM + 64G storage is sufficient. The official introduction of the four-core processor should be Snapdragon 425. In the premise of not installing too many Apps, it should maintain the smoothness of the system for a long time.

Although the system gives the impression that it is like a replica of the HiBy R6pro, but there are still some differences, such as the small dot below. The way of operation reminds me of the mBack key on old smartphones: touch to go back and long press to go back to the desktop. Compared to the full screen gesture control, N6ii’s operation made me feel more handy.

In terms of wireless, N6ii is equipped with LDAC-coded transmission and reception, in which the reception function would be implemented through firmware updates. And Hiby Link and 2,5G/5G dual-band wifi are the icing on the cake.

Cayin is a very distinctive brand in terms of sound. Warm sound can be found in almost every player of Cayin. In the rapid developing market of portable HIFI, the mainstream sound preferences of the market and audiophiles’ tastes have changed very much in recent years. N6ii can quickly impress me at the exhibition, precisely because it inherits the warm sound of N6 but also can meet the demands for higher music quality, which current more and more expensive DAPs brought.

In addition to audio characteristics, N6ii’s design, system and operating logic are all upgraded, which it’s a “metamorphosis” for the Cayin brand.

Specific sound quality review and subjective listening part will follow.

Price: $1199.

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