Fiio M5 Portable HIFI Music Player Hands-on Review

Fiio M5 is not only a lightweight music player, but also a good mobile music solution. Mobile phone can connect through high-definition Bluetooth format to M5. And then wired headphones can be connected to M5 to listen to better sound than general phones. It has excellent portability and better battery life and sound quality than Bluetooth headset.

HiBy R6Pro HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

Before when everyone talks about Chinese HIFI player, it’s agreed that they have better sound at the same price compared with foreign ones. But, almost everyone thinks the operation is inconvenient. But now I think this statement is not valid more. In my view, R6Pro has good sound and is also easy to use.

Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

ZX300 is probably Sony’s most competitive Walkman product in many years. Unlike the pricing strategy of ZX1/ZX2 many years ago (WM1A replaced the position), for the ZX series ZX300 lowered the price and the performance is certainly better than the previous ZX2.