iBasso DX160 Music Player Hands-on Review

At the $400 price range, iBasso DX160 is among the best in sound, handling and visual. So users in the choice of a modern music player do not have to live up to obvious shortcomings any more.

ShanLing M6 HIFI Music Player Hands-on Review

The answer handed over by ShanLing M6 is very satisfying. The new custom Android system, although still with some room for improvement, is convenient and intuitive on interactions and optimization. The sound is less sharp and remains balanced and comfortable.

Cayin N6ii Is Getting V1.17 Firmware Update

Cayin rolled out the latest firmware update for its N6ii player which brings LDAC support.

JadeAudio Released Portable Music Player J1

JadeAudio J1 officially met everyone! What remains the same is the exquisite appearance, plus touch turntable and professional hardware. It supports lossless formats. The biggest surprise is a more affordable price!
At less than $60!

Fiio M5 Portable Music Player Review

The main selling point of Fiio M5 is that it can bring high quality audio deeper into users’ live. It is a brave try for Fiio, while the decision-making cost of $100 would be much lower for most students, sports enthusiasts and fresh HIFI lovers.

ShanLing Released New M6 Hi-res Music Player

ShanLing introduced its new HIFI music player, M6. With similar design language of its player family including M5s, M2X and M0, M6 should be the flagship product.

Cayin N6ii HIFI Music Player In-depth Review

Cayin N6ii may be not the perfect machine in some aspects. But the exquisite design, smooth and easy-to-use open system, pioneering interchangeable audio board design and Cayin’s commitment on music-oriented tuning have brought a new classic, whose life cycle will definitely be longer than the last generation.

New Brand JadeAudio Announced J1 Hi-res Player

JadeAudio, new online selling sub-brand of Chinese company Fiio, announced its first HIFI player – J1.

7 Best Music Players to Enjoy Better Sound on Spotify

Here are the 7 best players to listen to better music from Spotify. They achieve this goal through different approaches, with different budget. But you would certainly feel the difference immediately, no matter which one you choose.

HiBy OS Is Getting Major Updates

HiBy, a brand made its name by lossless music APP and OS, announced three major firmware updates to its own customized Android system, HiBy OS, including virtual multichannel, EFO Spatializer, EFO Virtualizer, global DSD and pulse feedback.